Managing the Pandemic

What does success look like?

Managing the Pandemic

This year has seen remarkable progress in vaccinating populations around the world against COVID-19. Richer nations have benefited most, although G7 leaders have pledged one billion vaccine doses for poorer countries around the world. While international cooperation on vaccine access is encouraging, many uncertainties remain. Is vaccinating the entire world against coronavirus a feasible goal? What are the prospects for vaccine-resistant variants of the virus? What areas of conflict are there in terms of how and when governments should restore public freedoms and reopen economies? Should we be moving to a constant state of pandemic preparedness?

Michael Ryan, Executive Director, WHO Health Emergencies Programme

Leana Wen, Public Health Professor, George Washington University

Jenny Harries, Chief Executive, UK Health Security Agency

Moderator: Camilla Cavendish, Contributing Editor and Columnist, Financial Times

Published October 14 2021