Insights you might have missed from day one...

Day one of the Global Boardroom made headlines, highlights include keynote interviews with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President, Ukraine; Jeremy Weir, Executive Chairman and CEO, Trafigura and many more.

Insights you might have missed from day one...

On day one of the Global Boardroom we held a range of discussions with a stellar line up of speakers. From managing the pandemic, to the metaverse, the road to COP27 and how the aviation industry can decarbonise whilst also trying to recover.

A few insights you might have missed include:

Pushing Russian forces back to positions occupied before the February 24 invasion would be a “serious temporary victory” for Ukraine, but full sovereignty over its territory is the ultimate goal
Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President, Ukraine spoke with FT Editor Roula Khalaf as he told us “Stalemate is not an option for us.” It is imperative we don’t allow the war to become lost in the news cycle. “Please do not forget that this war is still raging here and you cannot be tired in the west from this war, there can be no fatigue.”

For there to be real change during COP 27 in Egypt, the focus must be on collaboration between both developed and emerging nations
Marilyn Waite, Managing Director, Climate Finance Fund: "“I would like to see a commitment from the richer countries to the more developing and emerging economies to capitalise their financial institutions locally.”

The war in Ukraine impacts the efforts of fighting the pandemic and brings more problems such as malnutrition and famine
Richard Hatchett, CEO, The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI): “The concerns about global food insecurity, malnutrition and the potential for mass migration events that cascade from the risk of famine, actually create a global vulnerability for an escalation of the pandemic.”

In order for the industry to reduce emissions, there must be a transition to more sustainable fuel sources and the renewal of airline fleets
Michael Arthur, President, Boeing International: "“For the 20 years ahead, if you really want to make a real world difference in CO₂ emissions from aerospace, sustainable aviation fuel is the key thing to do after you’ve modernised your fleet and introduced efficient flying.”

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Published June 08 2022